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Moai Audio designs and manufactures innovative, top quality and user-friendly solutions for effect pedals of guitarists and bassists. Because we are musicians and passionate ourselves, we design all our products to meet our values :

Sound quality

Our products use the best of analog technologies to respect the sound of your gear

Manufacturing quality

Our products are made in France with the greatest care and the best materials

ease of use

Our products are designed to be the easiest to use, and allow you to focus on the essential: to play

Our products

Tired of tap dancing with each change of sound?


Our switcher allows you to switch the sound of your instrument between your pedals, memorize effect combinations for each of your songs and recall them with one press!


Thanks to its high luminosity display, you can't get lost in your banks or presets anymore. Bank and preset names are always displayed so you always know what you're doing.


It is also compatible with all your favorite pedals because we know how much you value your gear.

Because the programming of the existing switchers is a real nightmare, we wanted to offer you an ergonomic and intuitive interface facilitating the design of your preset.


For this, the Moai Audio switcher communicates wirelessly with your phone through our application.


You can finally focus on your play instead of spending hours setting up your gear!


No more battery? Everything's alright!

The settings of your presets are also editable directly from the switcher.

  • 8 switchable loops
  • 256 banks of 4 presets
  • Midi In/Out
  • Tuner Out
  • Switchable Input Buffer
  • 2 external triggers to pilot your amp channels
  • fully customizable bank and preset names

And many more functionalities with the Moai Audio App!

For musicians, by musicians

Téo Georget

Téo Georget

CEO - Hardware

Bass & guitar

Cédric Franck

Cedric Franck



Florian Massat


Bass & Drums

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